Burn it to the ground...

Burn it to the ground...

Hola from Costa Rica! I am attending the Global Visionary retreat hosted by M. Shannon Hernandez and Angella Johnson this week, and holy freaking shit. Hold on because this is about to be a wild-ass ride.

2 weeks ago, if you asked me what I wanted to be doing globally with my businesses... I would have said planning destination weddings and coaching mom-preneurs worldwide.

Yeah... no. Spirit's got a completely different idea for me, and that became abundantly clear as I sat among the 10 other women attending this retreat.

Below is an excerpt from my journal in September of 2017.  This came during a crazy tumultuous time after my sister died where I was doing some deep meditation work and prayer work. I felt LOST like crazy and I just needed guidance. And guidance I got. 

Note: I often do Q&A sessions with my higher-self and Spirit after a grounding and centering meditation. This was one of the more intense of these experiences.

Me: I need a soul shift. So I'm asking you God, what do I do to have a soul shift?
A: Seek me.
Me: Where?  A: Everywhere
Me: So look for the good?  A: No, look for the God. The possibilities, the openings, the decisions...
Me: Whose decisions?  
A: All of them .... 
Me: Should I be helping people make decisions? 
A: Yes, you have this gift and you don't use it. 
Me: It feels wrong.  A: It is not wrong, I gave it to you. 
Me: So I'm an intuitive? (I was being dense here...) A: Yes
Me: And I should use this skill.... how? 
A: It is imperative that you bring the message of god force to the world. It was no mistake that you were drawn to self help and spirituality at a young age. 
You fear this because it is deep, and because it is far reaching and because it's potential to wreck you is MASSIVE.
You fear the demons you'll have to confront, the ridicule, the pain and loneliness and exile. You fear all of it. But what if I told you that booking hotel rooms and dancing in corners is NOT your soul's highest work? 
What if I told you that teaching people how to pray and connect with source is? What if I told you spiritual leadership was your path? Your true past?
Me: Path or past?
A: Both. What if you were called to spiritual places (Note: I had worked at TWO churches at this point... in admin but still close to those in ministry) because this is who you be? What if ministry, your own non-religious ministry was your place? Spiritual leadership? What if you were meant to be teacher?
Q: What if.....?
A: How many souls could you touch? How many lives changed? If you stepped back and stopped being afraid? What if GOD was where you were meant to be? What if weddings, helping others and church work all had the same thing in common? Connection to pure joy and spirit????

After this conversation - I knew I had a new direction. But instead of pursuing it, I rebranded my wedding planning biz, wrote, sold and presented a workshop for my coaching biz... and distracted myself further. 

Flash forward to this week in Costa Rica- where everything became clear as crystal. 

Day 1, landed, got checked in had a great dinner, and an inkling of what was coming, so I spoke it to the group and the universe. I was excited to get started on my spiritual movement. 
Day 2, woke up at like 3 am, my stomach and head killing me, feeling totally off balance - figured it was the travel or the altitude or something I ate.  Woke up at 8, texted Angella, one of the facilitators, and said I would be late. I took pain meds, drank water, tried to eat- nothing helped. I called hubby, told him I was having a panic attack and that I wasn't good enough to do all this. He called me "Jasmine the Conqueror" and said I could do anything I put my mind to.  I was cheered but still off. I talked to God- and said you can't make me do this. I'm not good enough, I don't know enough, I don't want this. And the message that came through was "you already chose it..." 
I got assistance from another member of our group. She sat with me, talked me down, let me know I was safe and loved, and accepted. I decided that I wanted to be with the group, so I got dressed. She helped me eat... and I promptly threw up. Right after that, everything was clear. I felt better, but I still needed to come down from my resistance storm.

So I spent the rest of my day in my room. I journaled. I listened to my favorite chakra clearing meditation, 3 times, and just chilled. At around 3:30 pm I emerged, like a new person. Still tender, but willing to see what was waiting. I had dinner, did the first day;s homework and went to bed to rest.

The next morning I awoke clear and ready. And after our morning session, I recorded this live: 

And I've been getting clearer every day since. I can't wait to reveal what's coming! 

I am ready to step into what is next, and facilitate what's possible spiritually for so many people. Will you join me? 

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