Listen up people...we are all, every one of us, Divinely inspired, Divinely guided and Divinely connected. 

I believe we are all connected to God and the Universe and this connection is key to happy lives.
— Jasmine Cianflone

Jasmine Cianflone is a gentle powerhouse in the realms of spiritual development. As an intuitive energy worker and spiritual facilitator and mentor, she guides people to enhance their personal spiritual practices to create better lives for themselves, higher vibes, more love, more patience and joy - more and deeper connections with themselves and everyone they come in contact with.

She dreams of a world where everyone can practice the spiritual path they choose, one that nurtures their unique connection to God, so that God's creative work can be done through us. 

Jasmine has over 2 decades worth of spiritual experience, as her studies began at the tender age of 12. Her fascination with all things esoteric has lead her to studying and practicing world spiritualities, exploring religions, meditation, prayer, energy work, magick, and manifestation. She has created practical methods to combine these practices into a cohesive and do-able personal spirituality. 

After almost a decade in the events industry running her own planning business, a nudge came through that this was more than just a hobby, and she leapt into the world of spiritual leadership. (To read more on how she made the transition from wedding planner and coach for mompreneurs to spiritual facilitator, read this post on her blog.)

The Spirit Freedom Collective is where you can find Jasmine working and teaching online, having spirit parties and weekly meditations. When she's not working, you can find her (sometimes simultaneously) enjoying a good book, singing at the top of her lungs, engrossed in a jigsaw puzzle, and loving on her family - which consists of 3 amazing sproutlets, J, B and G, her techie-husband Joe, 4 cats (Max, Midnight, Siri and Alexa) and a pup named Doc.