The Beyonce Mass and Why I LOVE it.

The Beyonce Mass and Why I LOVE it.

So there's this Catholic Church in San Francisco that offers a Beyonce Mass- basically they perform the Catholic Mass, but use Beyonce's music as the punctuation during the mass. It's beautiful, and it's empowering, and at face value it has nothing to do with religion or spirituality at all. Or does it?

In my mind, yes it does. 

Honestly, I like this. 

Because it’s an entry point. Everyone comes to God differently- and it doesn’t seem to me like they are using Beyoncé as an idol so much as a conversation starter. 
God comes to us each differently also. And I feel like people need an entry point today- because so much of what is out there is born of exclusion and judgement, fear and division, and Beyoncé is unapologetic about who she is, and I think her music helps people to learn how to be the same. 

There’s something almost sacred about how seemingly profane this is on it’s face, it’s like a little hidden gem- the core of which is loving yourself because you are loved by God.

Check the Vice episode out here and let me know what you think!

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