When Peeps are All up in Your Energetic Space

Last Saturday I went live in The Spirit Freedom Collective to share some tips about protecting your energy. Yes I'm in PJs. And yes I'm totally cool with that.
(Quick sidebar: if you're reading this, you probably already understand that all things are energy and energy can have effects on other energetic beings. If not, and you have questions, join the FB group and we'll chat!)  

I consider myself to be a sensitive person- basically I pick up on everyone's stuff. Fear, sadness, doubt, stress, guilt- it can really cloud up my space. In my experience, it is really important to make sure that you keep your own energetic field clear, for a few reasons.

Having other people's energy in your space can bring you down. It can cause confusion and conflict and it can lead you off your path and on to someone else's. It clouds your thinking, and in some cases for some people has actual physical consequences. For me, other people's vibes can cause anxiety-like reactions in me. It's no bueno, so I strive to keep myself as clear as possible, and this is how I do it.

Techniques I Recommend when Peeps are All Up In Your Energetic Space

1.  Shielding - Envisioning an energetic barrier around yourself. You can draw this energy from the earth, or the universe.
2. Smoke Cleansing- Burning sacred herbs, incense or woods, with the intention of drawing out negative energy and removing it from your space.
3. Warding - Placing and envisioning an energetic barrier around your living or workspace. Draw this energy from the earth and charge it with universal energy. You can use physical objects like stones to focus the energy.
4. Cord cutting - Invoke archangel Michael and ask his blessing, and ask him to sever the cords between you and anyone you were formerly emotionally entangled with.
5. Crystals - Especially selenite. Hold to remove energy from yourself, place in living space to neutralize negative energy directed towards you. Black Tourmaline is another stone that has really great negativity blocking energies.

What's your experience been like with protecting your energy? Any additional techniques you'd like to discuss or explore? Share below in the comments!

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