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Can you really do it all? Do we really want to?

Jasmine CianfloneComment
Can you really do it all? Do we really want to?

Short answer: Yes, and No.

Longer answer: Yes, but not all at the same time.  

This is one of those topics that I am constantly rolling around in my head- mainly because the part of me that has "superwoman syndrome" wants to believe that I am capable of getting up at 6am, running, doing yoga, meditating, then eating a healthy breakfast, showering and getting ready, waking my kids, feeding and dressing them, getting everyone out of the house, working all day super productively, running errands, helping with homework, cooking a healthy home cooked meal, all while being super present to all my various responsibilities, taking time for myself and still getting to bed at a reasonable time.

It calls to mind all the "biz chick" memes - hustle, don't stop, I'll sleep when I'm dead... all that good stuff.

Yeah- that picture's just beyond unrealistic. For me. There are people who live this way and love it - but I am not one of them. And honestly, in my world, it's just not sustainable. I could do it for a few weeks- but I would crash and burn. And all those pretty little balls I was juggling would come crashing down right on top of my head. And it would hurt. (Ask me how I know!)

Now, your experience may vary, but I've found that focusing on everything at once leads to no focus at all, and if there is focus, it gets led way way waaaayyyy away from yourself. That's a recipe for bad in my world. 

So what do we do instead? While the world insists that we need to be achieving some level of perfection in everything we do, I just say no. Some days I have to be ok with "That's good enough." Believe me, that took some getting used to, but I'll take it over burnout any day.

So here's the thing. Creative mompreneurs CAN get it all done, but we don't have to do it all ourselves. This is where awesome delegation skills come in. Find something, anything to handoff to someone else- either in your business or your personal life. One of my favorites to delegate was cleaning. We had to cut our cleaning crew- but I can't wait to get them back. Oh the joy of coming home to a house that smelled like a hotel. It was wonderful. 

(Note: if you feel like you absolutely CAN'T delegate anything right now, like there's just no way, you may need a mindset adjustment- come to my training "Start Where You Are" on February 22!!)

So to sum up, yeah, we probably can do it all. But honestly, why?? If it hurts to do it, and there's no real benefit other than to say "I did it,"  what is the point?

What do you think? Do you have things that you hold on to for dear life? What would you delegate?