What Spirituality Is... and What it is Isn't

What Spirituality Is... and What it is Isn't

Mine has always been a "pick and choose" kind of spirituality- one that allowed me to speak to whichever form of the divine my human self needed to connect to at that time. 

This is probably why organized religion never felt right to me. It usually doesn't allow you to call in whatever energy you need at whatever moment.

With all of this in mind, I figure this is a great opportunity to create a mutual language for us to communicate in. 

In short, to me spirituality is the process by which we relate to and communicate with the larger energy that exists in the universe. In my understanding, spirituality is a universal experience, although we don't all experience it in the same way. Watch the below for a deeper exploration of this, and some terminology that I use when talking spirituality. 

We've got 2 videos because I got super excited and forgot to talk about what spirituality is not.

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