Jasmine Cianflone

You are the only thing standing in your way. No, really.

Jasmine Cianflone
You are the only thing standing in your way. No, really.

There's an important reason there's a brick wall as the main image for this post. It's common to hear "You are the only thing, right now, that is standing in your way."

It's been added to inspiration photos, and posted on IG. It's been shared as a meme in groups on Facebook. It makes a great tweet.
But what does it mean? And if it's true, what do you do about it? How does one move one's self out of the way?

First, let me ask you this: 
What does that statement make you feel? Does it make you feel kinda itchy? Not quite comfortable?  Like it can't possibly be true? Does all of your being fight to resist it?
Just last year I was in that same place where I could come up with about 750 reasons why I wasn't doing the things I wanted to do. It was an interesting moment when I realized that I was the one stopping myself from going out there and getting what I wanted.


An example, from my life, if you will.
I really, really want to practice yoga more regularly. But I keep telling myself that I don't have the time. At one point about a year ago, I realized I was spending an extra half hour in bed every morning, and at least an hour watching TV at night. Turns out I DID have the time- I was just choosing to use it differently. I was in my way and I didn't even realize it. Once I had that realization, I was able to make a shift, and set my days up so that I could actually practice the yoga I wanted to practice.

Tweet it! Remember- you always have a choice and those choices create your reality.

5 ways you're standing in your way: 
1. Your reasons are really excuses. Money, time- the two most popular reasons we don't go after our goals are not the real reasons.

2. You're caught up in the comparison game. Watching what everyone else is doing makes it really hard to make stuff happen in your own world.

3. You're just so freakin' busy! Are you really? Or is there something you can release to make room?

4. Your self talk is so negative. Not speaking kindness to yourself can have far reaching and long term detrimental effects. Cut it out!

5. You're expecting the universe to deliver perfection. Sometimes what we want shows up in a way we weren't expecting. Be open!

Let's get past these roadblocks and make real changes to move forward. I held a mini-training designed to help you cut through the BS and get you out of your own way and you can still access the workbook here:

Check it out and let me know if you're standing in your own way and how you're working to get moving! Until next time!