Mindset is just part one but action seals the deal

Mindset is just part one but action seals the deal

If you've been in the entrepreneurial space for more than a week, you're sure to have come across someone talking about mindset, and how important it is to keep your head right when you're going after your goals.

Let me say that I agree 100%. Your mindset is key to getting what you want, but it's just part one. In order to put the wheels in motion to achieve your goals, you have to DO things. Take action! Writing down your affirmations on sticky notes and reciting them into the mirror every morning is great. It helps lift your vibration and clues the universe in to what you really want. But! BUT!!! If you proceed to act in a way that is the exact opposite of your goals, or worse, act as if the thinking will do all the work for you? You will get nowhere fast.

We live in a sowing and reaping world- meaning that what we think and what we do has physical ramifications. We have to plant seeds if we want to reap a harvest.

Example time! Say you want to bring in an additional $2000 this month for your wedding planning business. You work on your mindset, doing your affirmations, making your goal visible, but you neglect your physical actions. That money will not come to you. You cannot sit around and wait for your dreams to discover you. You're going to have to make the calls, send the emails, create the new offerings and put yourself out there. Consistently. That is the key to making manifestation and mindset work for you. The actions that you take tell the Universe that you are serious. How serious are you about your goals? Let's get moving!

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