Challenging your Status Quo: What does success Really mean to you?

Challenging your Status Quo: What does success Really mean to you?

Hey- Hey you! Yes, you- 

How are you? No, really- how are you? Are you feeling stressed out already? Too much on your plate? Are your goals crushing you before you've even gotten the chance to try and crush them?

Let me ask you this - did you feel this way last year? How much of what you're doing right now did you carry over from that time in your life?

It's the 3rd day of a new year. Everyone around you is buzzing about goal-setting, intentions and their word of the year- and I'm doing the same... but I wanted to check in with you. I want you to know that you are not alone. There is so much out there telling you to quest, strive and hustle- and that if you aren't, you're doing it wrong- that if you aren't doing what they do, you're not living up to this whole "lady boss" thing because you still don't have red bottoms or you aren't chasing a Mercedes lifestyle.

I'm giving you permission here- if something's not working for you, please stop.

It is 100% ok to reject what's going on around you and look within for what will work best for you. It's time to relax... I'm here to take that burden- and give you permission... permission to define your own success.  Maybe for you, it's not measured with money. Maybe being location independent or a luxury wedding planner or a "Pinterest Perfect" mom isn't on your goal list. And that is OK! My definition of success is more about how I feel at the end of the day and how many people I helped. What's yours?

Pray on what you want YOUR life and business to look like. Don't compare, just soak in the gratitude for what you already have. Then start looking at what's been working and what you'd like to leave behind. Once you've done that, you'll be in a good headspace to start. Pray on it- don't overthink, and definitely ignore the "should" - your definition of success should come from your spirit and feel *right* for you- it doesn't need to conform to anyone's expectations except your own and God's. 

Do you need some help with this? Download our New Year Re-set Worksheet. This isn't goal setting, it's a reset. See you there!