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My 2017 Year in Review

Jasmine CianfloneComment
My 2017 Year in Review

Hey look! It's another one of those year in review blog posts!

Yeah I know they're cliche and tired and all that jazz, but honestly they're a great way to say to yourself here's where I was, here's what happened, and here's how I feel about it. It's all about closure for me.

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So last year... yeah. For all intents and purposes, I survived it. Barely, in many cases. It was a freaking struggle. Honestly looking back on it challenges me to find the bright spots- which makes me mad because I'm usually such a positive person. So what happened?

1. My world was rocked when my sister died.
As I've mentioned before, my sister Jessica died of breast cancer in July. That one moment, that singular event feels like it lasted for the entire 365 days of the year. But in truth, she was here for over 6 months of 2017. We spent a few of those months saying goodbye after she went into hospice care, but even in that time we made some new good memories. Watching someone you love pack up their life and make their peace and say goodbye is life changing to say the least. I don't know when I'll be able to stop talking about it, or if I ever will.

2. I actually did a lot with my business even though I didn't feel like I did.
I got the opportunity to spend time with good wedding industry friends and get filmed for the Hooked Weddings series. I realized that I truly love being on camera, which is something I wasn't expecting. But a nice surprise anyway. You can check out some of the videos here: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=hooked+weddings+this+moment+events
I started two Facebook groups which are still kicking even if slowly, and in spite of me (Sorry guys! I will do better!!)
I decided to change the name of my event planning biz to include my actual name - scary as hell, but I'm pushing through the discomfort because great things are on the other side.
And I met a ton of amazing people through various connections and events. Relationships really are key!

3. I planned and participated in some really amazing weddings & events. 
Even though we had a smaller event load than usual this year (due to a confluence of events that I am grateful for every day), the events that we did work on went really well. I also got the opportunity to put my lead coordinator and planner hat down and just assist for a few events, which is so needed when you're already feeling the pressure from life in general.

4. My middle little was cleared of his heart condition and has been healthy since then!
In January, his cardiologist took him off his medication, and at his follow up in April, he was declared clear of the condition. There's always a chance it could recur, but we are more than cautiously optimistic right now. 

5. I got the freaking flu. 
This SUCKED big time. In February, I was floored by the flu. I was out for 6 days, and spent 2 of those in bed- like for 48 hours I was too weak to get up. It was really, really bad. What that made me realize is that I need to pay closer attention to my health. So that's one of my goals for 2018.

Those are the highlights- and lowlights - of the past year. I feel like honestly, lots of people had similarly world-rocking years. But it's over- we made it through, and it's time to tackle 2018. I'll cover the goals that I've set in my next blog post, because honestly, I'm still setting them! 

Here's to 2018 - on and up!