Work With Me

Imagine what it would be like if you had:

  • A deeper connection to the essence of all there is. (aka God)

  • Permission to explore and do something different spiritually and a safe, supportive, place to get that.

  • The knowledge and empowerment you needed to choose the practices that worked best for you.

  • More presence, more joy, more happiness, more awareness and more of YOU in every day.

I absolutely love helping people get to the core of what they really want, and helping them dive into their own spiritual practices. Ready to explore how this can be a contribution to your life? Check the options below to see what's going on!

Monthly Spiritual Guidance

When you choose to make magic with me on a monthly basis, we'll have so much fun changing your life for the better. Memberships are $111 per month.

What you get:

  • Bi-monthly Tarot readings.

  • Customized weekly and monthly rituals to use with the moon and astrological cycles.

  • Guided meditations, Spiritual journaling prompts and Customized prayers.

Meditation & Connection Circle
Join me for our weekly guided group meditations, prayer circles and monthly spirit parties. Each month we'll meditate on a theme, and have fun talking all things spirituality in a live online gathering.



Spirit Freedom Spiritual Development Workshops

Envision Your Spiritual Practice

This 2 day virtual intensive is an introduction to the basis of creating a livable spirituality. Together we'll explore the vision for your spiritual practice discuss ways to commune and communicate with Spirit, creating and maintaining sacred space and the tools and methods for ritual & worship. You'll leave with a beautiful framework for your own practice.

Spirit Freedom Seekers Circle
The Spirit Freedom Seekers Circle is a membership community where we explore monthly spiritual themes and work together on a deeper level to curate and create personal spiritual practices. Limited to 12 members per cycle, enrollment opens on September 1, 2018

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The Inner Sanctum
The Inner Sanctum is a 12 month one on one spiritual development and exploration program, designed to deepen your understanding and practice of spiritual and energetic principles. During our year together, we will explore your specific energetic talents, and work to create, following the rhythms of your own energy, magical transformation in your life through the harnessing of those talents.

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Intuitive Energy and Tarot Readings
If you have a situation that you need clarity around or something you need to explore the possibilities of, connect with me for a reading. I read Tarot and energy, and my insights may just help you see what you already know, and get you unstuck.

On the horizon: 
Spirit|SOUL|Magic Retreat