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What's possible for you if you look beyond "traditional" religion and into a more open spiritual journey?
What's possible if you recognized and honored the divine within you, within others and all around you on a regular, ongoing basis?
What's possible for your life if you stopped distracting yourself from your innate connection to spirit and knew, REALLY knew that you are always supported? 

The Spirit Freedom Collective is a community of spiritual seekers. It is a safe space to explore the world's vast array of spiritual practices free from the heaviness of dogma and man-made constrictions. It's about connecting to the divine within yourself, others, and the world. It's about creating a practice that can grow and change with you. One that is adaptable to your needs at the time and doesn't seek to be a one size fits all solution. It's about calling humanity back to the core of their spiritual existence, before they forgot they weren't separate from divinity. And it's about bringing that wholeness through to your everyday life so that you're better equipped to do the work you've been called to do in this world. 

There are currently two ways to experience the Spirit Freedom Collective: 
 1. Join our Facebook group. Every Monday we have a themed group meditation, and through the week we discuss and explore any and all spiritual topics. 

2. Join the Seeker's Circle. This year long group program explores a year's worth of themes and spiritual cycles with the goal of each seeker creating and actively LIVING his or her own spiritual practice for that year. 

Please note: in order to become part of the Seeker's Circle, it is required to experience EVOKE: The Workshop, at one of the monthly sessions. 

Q1. What is a spiritual practice?

A spiritual practice in any exercise or group of exercises that we do in order to feel more connected to the essence of all that is. My personal practice includes meditation, both spoken and written prayer, music, journaling, energy work, reading tarot, and ritual. A practice can be a simple or as complex as you want it to be. When you create your own, you can combine any of these in any way that speaks to your soul.

Q2. What about religion?

Well, I find that religion can be quite restrictive when it comes to true spiritual connection. Some people have a great experience with it, and have no issues, and that is awesome for them. I created this space because my experience with religion is one of artificial containers that doesn't allow for the full experience and expression of what the divine is in my world. The way people connect to and experience the divine is very personal. If you're one of those people who has had a similar experience, this community may be for you! We strive to connect and communicate on a level that doesn't fit into any one religion- because in truth the divine doesn't fit into any box that we've created.

Q3. What about God?

God is everywhere, including wihtin us. And yet- using that word puts some people on edge. As such, I've chosen to use more generic language. In my understanding, God, Spirit, the All, The Universe, Source Energy, Goddess, etc- they are all words for the same energy expressing itself through our selves and our experiences. If the word God works for you, by all means, keep using it. It's truly all the same thing.

Q4. How do I join this community?

If you want to expand your spiritual horizons, join us on Facebook, in the Spirit Freedom Collective community. Here, we talk all things spiritual, learn together, experiment together and report back so make adjustments and improvements to our own personal practices. We don't judge, we don't compare, we just experience and connect.

Q5. What else do you offer?

If you're looking for a deeper connection, or to truly dive deep into developing a personal practice, join me for our Evoke: Envision Your Spiritual Practice. In this 2 hour workshop, we'll explore the introduction to the basis of creating a livable spirituality. Together we'll create the vision for your spiritual practice, discuss ways to commune and communicate with Spirit, creating and maintaining sacred space and the tools and methods for ritual & worship. This workshop is the first step on a three part journey, which includes our Seekers Circle, a membership community where you can fully develop your complete, curated personal spiritual practice; and Sanctify, our year long one-on-one program that walks you through a year of established, regular, spiritual practice.