Tarot and Energetic Readings

Tarot and Energetic Readings

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If you have a situation that you need clarity around or something you need to explore the possibilities of, connect with me for a reading. I use the Spiral Tarot, The Wild Unknown Tarot and other oracle cards in my practice.
All readings are deliverable via Zoom.

I do not read on health concerns or pregnancy, or Yes/No questions.

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So here is how my readings work. We'll meet on Zoom, and you'll tell me about a situation that you're needing clarity on.

If you have a specific question, you can ask it- if not, that's OK too. I'll draw some cards using a spread based on the situation, and we'll discuss the insights I'm having.

Usually my readings take about 35-45 minutes, depending on if we need to clarify any cards, and of course on the number of cards being read. My spreads vary between 4 and 12 cards and I use my intuition to determine how many to pull.

How do I decide which kind of reading to book? 
- If you have a situation that you really want advice on- next steps, possible choices, ideas on how to best proceed given the energies presenting themselves, I’d go with the reading plus strategy. If you just want clarity, then the regular reading is usually sufficient.

Can you predict the future?
- No. I can give you ideas on what choices you might make in given situations based on the present energies, and I can tell you what energies are apt to present themselves or cause influence, but your choices are the only things that determine the future.