The EVOKE Intensive

The EVOKE Intensive


Go Deeper Envision Your Spiritual Practice
I created Evoke to help people realize that they are allowed to take the divine out of the boxes we've put it in. I truly believe that developing and nurturing the connection between our selves and the divine is the key to living a happier more fulfilled life. My spiritual practice has helped me tune into what is important to me in my life and why, and has helped me pursue these things while feeling supported and whole. In my experience, spiritual practice is the ultimate in self care. Creating a livable spiritual practice that speaks to, sparks and soothes your soul can start you on the journey to more of what you want from this life and less of what you don't. It opens doors to co-creating more powerfully with the divine and creates the ability to come back to your center more gracefully when you get knocked off balance.

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The purpose of a regular spiritual practice is to connect you to the all that is, aka God, Source, Spirit, the Universe. It is meant to call you back to yourself, revive your inner power, and reclaim and activate the connection that is ever present in yourself to CREATE the life of joy, abundance, freedom, peace and happiness that is yours by birthright.

Everything you have ever sought is seeking you. And what it takes to get there is tuning in to that inner knowing. Acknowledging that inner spark. Confirming and claiming what you desire.

This is what I can help you learn through The Evoke Intensive.

I am presenting this workshop every month between the new and full moons, because I am called to get this message into as many hands as I can.

The foundation of a joyful life is a strong spiritual practice. I believe this with my whole heart and all of my soul. I have lived this for the majority of my life. And I'd love to help you create this for yourself.

You can use these tools to improve every single aspect of your life. Seriously. Relationships, business, finances... everything.

This is not about changing your religion (unless you want it to be) or practicing things that make you uncomfortable. This is about going beyond the rules and creating something that works for your soul. Discovering what lights you up. Because when you're lit up, you suddenly see the world, and your whole life from a new perspective. And when something comes in to dim your light, you'll have the tools to re-ignite it. And all those tools need is you, choosing in to the possibilities.

See what you can uncover as you build yours.