My Killer Strategy for Kicking Mom Guilt to the Curb

My Killer Strategy for Kicking Mom Guilt to the Curb

If you're anything like me, you probably get a healthy dose of mom-guilt whenever you're doing anything that doesn't involve 100% focus on the little people in your house.

What is mom guilt? For those of you who haven't experienced it, first, I'm totally jealous!  Mom guilt is that nagging feeling that you're permanently screwing your kids up whenever you go do something that doesn't revolve around them. Mom guilt led me to keep my oldest out of daycare until he was almost 2. Did my business suffer for it? Eh- maybe not. But my sanity certainly did. 
In the years since I made that choice, I've had two more children and for a while, the guilt increased. And as my business grew alongside my family, I found that work guilt increased too. When I was working, I felt I was doing my kids wrong, and when I was parenting, I felt that I was doing my business wrong. 

But then I realized there was no either/or proposition. I had the choice to feel stuck in the pain of guilt, or to come up with a way to work around it. And so, here I present my killer strategy for kicking mom guilt to the curb. 

My solution is simple: Be Present

Now of course simple doesn't mean easy. We live in a world that is FULL of distractions. Our phones, the latest episode of Supernatural, laundry, dishes, partners- you name it, it's calling our name. I get that. 

But there is truly something to be said for focusing your whole self on one thing at a time. 
3 quick things I started doing.

1. When my kids get home from school, my phone stays on the shelf. That allows me to focus on them and their needs (which are many) in our time together after a long day apart.

2. When I am at work, I am AT WORK. I don't take or make personal calls, and I don't try to sneak in housework. I am fully focused on my tasks at hand.

3. When I get a chance to enjoy some self-care time, I go all in. 90 hot stone minute massage? Yes, please. 

Now this takes practice, and setting your life up so that this is possible -but I know you'll see a difference if you try it.  

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