How to Prep for Next Wedding Season - Calendar and Scheduling

How to Prep for Next Wedding Season - Calendar and Scheduling

No lie, I wrote this post with a sleepless three year old on my lap. See, the dog started barking and he woke up, so focused work time turned into combo time. Sometimes we have to do double duty, so let us make the most of it, shall we? 

As the late autumn and holiday season gets into full swing in the States, wedding season begins to slow down and I can finally catch my breath. Like many wedding and event planners, I look at this time as an opportunity to close out one year and get my stuff in gear before the next one ramps up.

So here's a peek into how I prepare for the next season when it comes to my calendar and scheduling. 

I look at what's already booked for the upcoming season. This helps me set my event and financial goals for the coming engagement season. I like to keep a balance so that I am not booked every single weekend. I know myself (I'm an introvert and need solitude to recharge) and I know my business (we like to be high touch) and becoming overbooked would make for a very unhappy Jasmine. I don't like unhappy Jasmine. She's not a very good mom, wife or wedding planner- I try to avoid being her as often as possible.

Next, I look at the kids' schedules for the upcoming year, taking into account their school calendars, vacations and activity schedules.
I actually tend to do this three times a year- before summer hits, before school starts and again at the end of the calendar year. I even use an August - July planner for this very reason. When you have school age kids, your life basically revolves around their schedule, and as a result, your business' life does too. Aligning them closely allows me a sense of control.

Then, I look at my family and personal calendar.  Take a high-level look at what's going on personally- birthdays, vacations, anniversaries, friends with babies due - all the things that may take precedence in your mind when you've got deadlines and clients breathing down your neck. I make a point to block out at least one weekend per month so I can dedicate it to downtime and family time. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg really, when it comes to me prepping for a brand new season, but starting here helps me get a sense of my upcoming year and tackle things from a place of clarity.

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