I am no stranger to chaos. 

How did I get here?  Long story short: change brought me here. Ten years ago, my life was completely different - it was miles away from where I am now. 

In 2006, I was engaged to be married, living in an apartment with my fiance, and our cat, and working full time at a business to business technology sales company. Life was simple, until I got an unshakeable urge to follow my heart and my dream and launch a wedding planning business. A business I'd been envisioning since before I graduated from college. I took a leap of faith in 2007, shortly after our wedding. I reduced my hours in corporate America and pursued an unpaid summer internship with a planning company in NYC. 

With this new information, I put plans into motion to do the damn thing and open This Moment Events. I put in my notice at my corporate job and spread my wings to fly. 

The day after my last day of "stable" employment, I found out that I was expecting our first child. I was over the moon excited, but I had NO idea what I was getting myself into - running a business and a family household simultaneously was a new arena for me. 

Since that little one's birth in 2009, the changes just kept coming. I watched as my mom and my older sister battled breast cancer, and had my world rocked when mom lost her fight in 2014, and my sister lost hers in 2017. I've bounced in and out of the workforce as we realized that me running a biz and growing a family without a plan was NOT going to work. 

Through all of this, I spent time comparing my journey to the ones around me- comparing my family to the Pinterest perfect and Instragram-worthy lives I was witnessing on social media. And it made my heart sick. I spent so much time caught up in comparison, I'd forgotten the reason I started my own business in the first place. I straight up forgot who I was.

Then, I realized that I could define my own success- and that my businesses could be successful on my terms. I'm opting out of the noise and diving in, to the life I want to lead my way. 

But in order to do that, I had to re-learn what it meant to value myself as more than "just a mom," and tackle the very real "working mom guilt" head on. I needed to learn how to switch between my business owner hat and my family hat effectively. I had to learn what it means to work from home when stacks of dishes and piles of laundry beckoned. I had to re-learn how to take ownership of my life and write my own story.

And now I'm here to help you do the same - I'm going to help you thrive with what you have, where you are. I'm here to help you set create firm foundations and figure out your destination.

Are you ready to dive in and discover What it means for you to have it all, without losing yourself?

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